How can Flexion help with the limitation of RFID tags, by opening up new generation RFID products?

RFID tags today are growing rapidly as the data transfer platform for IOT devices. Previously, they have been limited to passive (non-battery) tags. By incorporating a thin flexible battery the deployed tags can incorporate sensor based technology into a smart label, enabling data capture of key items such as, but not limited to, temperature, humidity, shock and location.

Once deployed the embedded power drives the onboard sensors for data capture that is then transferred via the RF network. The Flexion batteries are based on their key attributes of thin, flexible and safe, which allow the smart labels to be run through a printer application to allow the RF circuit to do more than just respond to the system.

Without onboard power the RF solution is limited to the availability of RF energy to turn on and activate. With a battery onboard the RFID tag would have the ability to operate independently of the presence of RF energy.