BrightVolt’s Flexion Thin Film Batteries are Changing The Next Generation of Credit and Security Cards

BrightVolt’s revolutionary battery technology has enabled embedded power to drive display technology, biometrics and sound all within a traditional credit card form factor. These solutions enable revolving security codes that are unique and can only be used on a one-time basis to combat fraud, thereby securing your transaction from theft.

The key to embedding electronics within the credit card has been predicated on the ability to ensure that the total card thickness and finish remains within the acceptable standards, while maintaining a high quality look and feel. Existing coin cells or traditional batteries could not meet this requirement.

BrightVolt is set out to solve this issue by creating our patented line of Flexion batteries thereby enabling the next generation powered credit cards. This breakthrough ensured that the overall cards could be manufactured within standard card making facilities without altering their process.

The current card technology uses hot laminate to create a card; as such the Flexion batteries are able to withstand temperatures as high as 135 Celsius while maintaining a thickness at or below 0.45mm. This ensures that all users of credit card products can expect their banks to finally offer more secure credit cards to keep up with the changing demands for security.