BrightVolt Wins Clean Energy Award

Best Eco-Friendly Battery

BrightVolt makes the thinnest, most flexible, energy-dense and safest batteries in the world. The firm’s batteries power a wide range of Internet of Things devices, including sensors, labels, medical devices and wearable technologies with long lasting capabilities.

The revolutionary batteries produced by BrightVolt are helping to meet the world’s need for safer, smaller and more powerful batteries. But the company doesn’t stop there; unlike traditional lithium-ion batteries that use lithium electrolytes which can be flammable and toxic to the environment, BrightVolt batteries use no volatile liquids and have superior thermal stability. As Venetia Espinoza explains, this revolutionary chemistry makes BrightVolt’s batteries environmentally safe and minimizes the potential for spontaneous combustions events.

“As IoT and wearable applications continue to expand, and power requirements for semiconductors continues to decrease, many designers and manufacturers are battery_display_sized.jpgnow looking to BrightVolt to develop safer, smaller and more flexible batteries to power these devices. Here at BrightVolt, we are not just another battery research company; we have proven technology and real products in the market.

“Our patented chemistry, development and manufacturing process, which employs BrightVolt PME®, Polymer Matrix Electrolyte, technology, is superior to any conventional battery manufacturing process, increasing the reliability and stability of the cell, and is solid-state rather than liquid or gel. BrightVolt PME® is bonded directly to the battery cathode, enabling thinner layers and eliminating dead space and weight, allowing BrightVolt batteries to have higher energy density. Another advantage is that BrightVolt’s battery assembly requires just two component layers, rather the conventional standard of three, which allows for a more rapid development and a cost-effective approach toBrightVolt Battery Images.jpg manufacturing at scale.

“This revolutionary chemistry and manufacturing process has already been used to manufacture more than 10MM ultra-thin film batteries that are in commercially viable products. BrightVolt also has the in-house ability to design, develop and manufacture custom batteries. As wearable and IoT technologies continue to evolve in size, usability, form factors and diverse power needs, BrightVolt is able to provide these technologies with customizable, scalable, affordable, environmentally friendly and safe power solutions like no other company.”
Venetia believes that future is very bright for BrightVolt. The company is currently intensely focused on continuing to scale production to meet global growth. As IOT expands and wearable applications require more and better thin, flexible, and most importantly, safe, batteries, BrightVolt’s will be ready to meet the market demand.

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